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Preparing the exterior of your property for sale

While we at Sold on Staging can help you in styling the inside of your home for sale, it is also really important to create an appealing exterior. Here are some helpful things you can do to prepare the exterior of your property for sale. Lets face it, when we sell we want to sell as quickly as possible and get your asking price, if not more. So it is very important to ensure your home is appealing and people are able to visualise themselves both in it and out. Work on your "street appeal" ...

May 31, 2016

Some handy tips for selling your home

When selling your home there is a lot to do! Here are a few tips from us here at Sold on Staging: Talk to a property lawyer about your options and the outcomes you want, including things like choice of agent, selling methods and price range. Decide what to do to make the house more profitable and get on with those jobs. Select a real estate agent and confirm the sale method and price range. Consider home staging to ensure the positives of your home are highlighted to any potential buyers. ...

March 23, 2016

Painting to prepare your home for sale

Painting the interior and possibly the exterior of your home can really pay off when preparing your home for sale....

January 22, 2016

The power of smell when selling your home!

Home selling is a first impressions business! Walking into an open home and smelling musty damp, stale smoke, or old cooking aromas, is not going to help you achieve positive first impressions. Both tidiness and a pleasant smell are crucial when trying to sell your home....

November 4, 2015

Get yourself a sparkling new bathroom - without blowing the budget!

When you have decided to sell your home, and are looking at ways to invest in it to get the best value, one of the most important places to look into first is the bathroom. It may be more practical to keep costs low for better returns – here are some great ways to reduce costs when renovating your bathroom, so long as you are happy to put in the hours....

October 2, 2015

Top tips for renovating cheaply and easily!

If you have decided you are going to sell your home, often the thought of getting your home up to scratch before auction day can be daunting. However, it does not have to be as hard, or as expensive as you might think to get your home looking like new. There are some great options for easy upgrades to a home without breaking the budget, and if you do it right it hopefully it will increase your selling price too! Some top tips:...

September 9, 2015

Four Top Tips For Getting The Best Out Of Your Selling Experience

Selling a home can be scary - but there are some pretty easy tips for getting the best out of your selling experience. Follow these top tips and you'll be sticking up that "SOLD" sign before you know it!!...

July 25, 2015


Many people are not aware of the benefits of home staging, but home staging benefits the seller more than you might expect, making your sale all the more beneficial to you. Home staging benefits you, the seller: Home staging makes the rooms look bigger - an empty room often looks smaller than a room with furniture. Expert furniture placement can play to the size of the room and make a room look a lot larger. The furniture gives better depth perception and enables people to "size up" the room...

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