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Home staging is the key to your buyers' hearts, where properties sell faster, and for top dollar.

Many people are not aware of the benefits of home staging, but home staging benefits the seller more than you might expect, making your sale all the more beneficial to you.

Home staging benefits you, the seller:

  • Home staging makes the rooms look bigger - an empty room often looks smaller than a room with furniture. Expert furniture placement can play to the size of the room and make a room look a lot larger. The furniture gives better depth perception and enables people to "size up" the room in their minds, seeing it with furniture they would possibly use in the room.
  • Home staging increases the speed of sale - more desirable homes will not be on the market as long - a well decorated and furnished home will appeal more to potential buyers, so a faster sale is more likely to be achieved.

  • Home staging drives up the purchase price - not only do more appealing homes sell faster, they also sell for more. The house looks better, so the buyer may be willing to pay more for the home. More viewings with interested purchasers, means there's more competition. This is great for the seller, because it gives you the highest chance of a multi-offer/multi-bid situation, forcing purchasers to compete with each other for your home, and resulting in the best possible purchase price.
Home staging benefits the buyer:

  • The home becomes an editable canvas - buyers these days are often looking to remodel a home they have just bought, to fit more within their design specs and personal preferences. A home stager removes the clutter and makes a house look more editable – but also shows the buyer they won't need to do so much to the home to make it all come together how they want it.

  • It shows the full potential of the home - home staging experts, like Emma and Kate here at Sold on Staging, can arrange a home to show its best features and its highest potential areas. It is so important to the buyer that they can see how great the home can be – and home staging is designed to accent the best parts of your home.




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