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Four Top Tips For Getting The Best Out Of Your Selling Experience

Selling a home can be scary - but there are some pretty easy tips for getting the best out of your selling experience. Follow these top tips and you'll be sticking up that "SOLD" sign before you know it!!

1. Get people over the door step!

Make sure you present your home with the best frontage you can - mow the lawns, trim the gardens, repaint the front fence if you need to. Get people coming in through your door because they want to see more - don't let them walk before they have even had a chance to see the best your home can offer.

2. Live without the extras for a while

If you are still living in your home while it is on the market, you need to consider how you can make it available to view at any time. Make sure you can clear away the clutter completely. Be aware that you may not be able to store everything in your cupboards as some people may want to see the storage areas in the home.

3. Use simple design principles

There are a couple of really simple techniques we use as part of staging a home. We really focus on the balance of a room - it's important to use soft and hard surfaces. Combine a soft couch with a hard coffee table, and a soft, fluffy rug underneath it. Work in ones or threes - especially on hard surfaces such as tables. The triangle created especially when using three items creates balance. After making changes to the layout of a room, go to the doorway and look back at the room from there. That is where the buyer will get the first impression, so you want to be aware of how you can show the benefits of the room best right from that first snapshot.

Clean off every little spot of dirt

This tip has more behind it that just showing buyers a clean house. If a buyer looks at a spotless house often they will see it as having less work to move in, and will give the buyers more faith in the overall quality of the home, because it will appear you take more care with home maintenance.
Most of all, to get the best from your sale, it is important to get the right people in to do the work - and that is where we come in! To see the services we offer in your home, click here.

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