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Top tips for renovating cheaply and easily!

The best ways to renovate cheaply, while still retaining quality

If you have decided you are going to sell your home, often the thought of getting your home up to scratch before auction day can be daunting. However, it does not have to be as hard, or as expensive as you might think to get your home looking like new. There are some great options for easy upgrades to a home without breaking the budget, and if you do it right it hopefully it will increase your selling price too!

Some top tips:


Particularly in the kitchen, some changes can be as easy as updating the handles on the drawers and cupboards. If everything is generally in good nick, some newer handles and a good scrub to remove grime can really pick up the level of the room and make it appear modern and refreshed. Updating your taps and light fittings can improve a room on a low budget for a great return. It may even be worth changing the door handles on all the doors in the home for a more modern look. This might mean you have to paint the doors but this can be done for very little cost and maximum return.


A fresh coat of paint can update a room for less than $100 – depending on the state of the current walls and how much preparation is required. An average sized double room will only need a 4L can of paint if applied correctly. This can definitely be done on a budget, and to huge effect. It is recommended that you use neutral colours when painting to sell – offer your buyers a blank canvas, in case they have different tastes to you. If you want to use colour, infuse it into your accessories, perhaps even fresh flowers around your home. A quick lick of paint over your kitchen and bathroom cabinets (after a careful sanding, depending on the current finish) will also "clean" up the area, without huge cost.


If you have the budget pre-sale, it may be time to upgrade your window fittings before you show people around your home. It's also a great time to give the inside of your windows a really thorough clean. If you can just wash the curtains to remove any grime and moisture spots, that's definitely a place to start. Otherwise, it may be time to refurbish with new blinds or stylish curtains. Again, as with the paint, keep colour choices neutral – you don't know what the new owner will want. New curtains will not be a selling point if the buyers don't like them, or they are not practical.

Final Finishes

For a final touch-up, give your carpet a deep clean. Not only will it look cleaner and remove stains, it will also smell clean and fresh, and buyers will notice this the second they walk in the door. Some de-odourisers around the house and in cupboards will freshen the home's atmosphere wonderfully.


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