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Get yourself a sparkling new bathroom - without blowing the budget!

When you have decided to sell your home, and are looking at ways to invest in it to get the best value, one of the most important places to look into first is the bathroom.

It may be more practical to keep costs low for better returns – here are some great ways to reduce costs when renovating your bathroom, so long as you are happy to put in the hours.

Reduce the tiling

If you have decided to use tiles in your bathroom, keep them to essential areas such as the floor, rather than tiling the walls and shower. A cheaper alternative for the walls is to paint them – just make sure you use a bathroom specific paint that keeps out moisture and is impervious to mould and mildew.

Scour the second-hand stores

A very "in" theme at the moment is to upgrade old furniture for re-purposing in your bathroom. A tutorial can be found here for how to put together a beautiful vanity for your bathroom at low cost, and to high effect. The vanity in this example was created by converting an old buffet table – painting and staining, new drawer fittings, and topping it with a new sink and bench-top. It creates a wonderful effect – modern but still maintaining character.

Make the little changes

Sometimes, the little changes are the ones that can make all the difference. Try replacing the light fittings, towel rails and cupboard handles – the difference will astound you! Even tiny changes like that can make a huge impact on the final effect of a room.

Refresh the gap fillers

Does your existing bathroom have tiling that you actually like, but is just looking a bit shabby? Try cleaning and then re-grouting the area between the tiles. It's a low cost option that will have the room sparkling in no time at all. If your grout is stained beyond repair, you could also try applying a grout "colour" over the top, which can really affect the whole impact of the tiling. If the edges of the tiling around the bath and between fixtures looks messy, try caulking them again. There are some great methods for achieving a clean and pristine look in a flash.
Really all of these changes are simple, and low cost, but will have a fantastic impact on your sale result. Make those simples changes now, to make your selling experience even better!


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