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Painting to prepare your home for sale

Painting the interior and possibly the exterior of your home can really pay off when preparing your home for sale.


Potential buyers are often forming an opinion of your home when they are driving up the street, so it is important to be thinking about the appearance of your home from the outside. Tidying up any flaky paint on the exterior of your home will help with first impressions. You want to avoid people arriving and instantly feeling that it looks unkempt. Consider repainting your front door, again this is part of the initial appeal. As potential buyers walk through your front door to view your home its best if it is in good condition. Ensuring windows are not flaking and shabby is another idea; people may view this as a big workload, so if you can have freshly painted windows this should help brighten the general appearance of the exterior. A fresh stain or paint of your fence can also help with street appeal and a quick water blast will help as a final tidy up.


Neutral colours can help a potential buyer to visualise their own belongings in your home as they view it. Bright lights and light walls can help a space appear fresh and clean as well as larger. When a potential buyer wanders through your home with neutral walls they are more likely able to see how they can inject their own personality into the space. Steer away from very bold wall paper or colours if possible. People will naturally remember these things.


Wander around your house and inspect window sills, skirting boards, doors and frames for any chipped paint. This is usually a quick fix and will take away any immediate feeling of "tiredness" when entering your property.

Minor improvements such as tidying up paintwork can make such a drastic difference in the feeling your home gives to potential buyers when they arrive. This of course coupled with home staging can help you achieve the best from your home sale.


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