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Some handy tips for selling your home

When selling your home there is a lot to do! Here are a few tips from us here at Sold on Staging:

  • Talk to a property lawyer about your options and the outcomes you want, including things like choice of agent, selling methods and price range.
  • Decide what to do to make the house more profitable and get on with those jobs.
  • Select a real estate agent and confirm the sale method and price range.
  • Consider home staging to ensure the positives of your home are highlighted to any potential buyers.
  • Your lawyer can help you negotiate the price, settlement date and conditions to achieve the best outcome for you.
  • When considering an offer, make sure the deposit you negotiate is sufficient to cover any commission to the real estate agent which will be due when the contract becomes unconditional.
  • Consider which day of the week you may make as your settlement date. By selecting a Wednesday or Thursday you are allowing time if anything goes wrong on the day of handover.
  • Organise a list for changing your address. Eg. Phone, power and other utility companies.

Possible costs you may encounter as a seller to budget for:
  • Advertising fees to ensure your property is seen in the right places
  • Home staging cost
  • Real estate agent's commission
  • General rates final payments
  • Fees payable to body corporate or body corporate manager if applicable
  • Mortgage discharge fees
  • Legal fees
  • Moving costs

This link to the NZ Law Society website is very comprehensive if you are interested in more detail on the home selling process

Good luck!


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