Taupo: Call Susie: 027 595 6433
Wellington: Call Robyn: 027 305 2778

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Susie Pierce

027 595 6433

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Contact for Wellington

Robyn Robinson

027 305 2778

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We are a Taupo and Wellington based company and service properties all over the greater Taupo and greater Wellington regions.

To discuss your options or arrange a free quote, you can call Susie in Taupo on 027 5956433 or Robyn in Wellington on 027 305 2778. We'll talk about interior design and it's power to sell real estate any time of the day.

Using the form below will send an email to both Susie and Robyn, so please make sure you select the region you are enquiring about. 

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"I want to say a big thanks, you definitely put the WOW factor into the staging! As you know I was looking at other staging companies but my gut always said go with Sold on Staging as I believe your look would be the one I'm looking for and you didn't disappoint. You were true to your word when you said you would look to compliment the existing colour schemes and you have really done that throughout the whole house. A million thanks to you and your great consideration of the house colours to install the staging. I really appreciate it and feedback from potential buyers and the agents is the staging is fantastic."

"Hi Susie. Lots of positive comments on the staging of Dover street today by our agents" Tommy's Wellington

"Thanks once again for the staging. We were absolutely gobsmacked when we walked into our house and saw what you had done. It completely transformed our house, and the agents said it had a significant impact on getting people through the door, the quick sale and the price we got for it. It far surpassed our expectations. I am really hoping you will be able to come and do a consultation when we build our new house!!"


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