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Terms and Conditions

Sold on Staging, herein after referred to as "the Company" shall provide the Client with home staging services at the Client's property, herein after referred to as "the Property", of which the address is to be provided.

The services will be provided as per the agreed to and signed contract and from the Commencement date on the terms and conditions as set out below.


  • The contract will commence as soon as it is signed by the Client and a signed copy returned to the Company. Both physical and electronic signatures will be accepted and deemed binding.

  • The staging Fee is payable in full or as agreed with the Company prior to the Commencement date, to cover up to an eight-week staging period.

  • Any extensions of time of the contract will be charged at the rate of $220 + GST per week. This fee may be inflation-adjusted or increased to cover costs, over time, without prior notification.

  • The Fee includes an initial consultation, delivery, installation, removal of the staging items AND insurance for the term, subject to the limitations set out in the agreed Contract.


  • The term ends eight weeks to the day, after the Commencement date, or earlier, if the property is sold prior to the end of the eight weeks. The final expiry date will be stipulated in the Contract.

  • A Term extension can be arranged by mutual agreement at the weekly extension rate mentioned under the Section 1.


  • The Services which are offered by the Company are either a full home staging or a partial home staging, as agreed between the parties.

  • On the Commencement date the Company shall install the staging items for either a full or a partial staging, as agreed in the contract, in accordance with the Client's wishes and as were agreed during discussions regarding what services are to be provided. 

  • The staging will be completed to enhance the style and character of the property to maximise the sales appeal to the widest possible audience.


  • All staging items shall remain the property of the Company at all times.


  • The Company shall collect the staging items immediately following the expiry date of the contract or if the property is sold prior to the expiry date, then as soon as possible but no later than three working days following notification by the Client that the property has been sold. This timeframe could be extended by mutual agreement.

  • The Property shall be left in a tidy state following the removal of all the staging items. 


  • If the staging fee has not been paid and the staging is cancelled less than 48 hours prior to installation, the Company may charge a cancellation fee equal to 30% of the staging fee.

  • This invoice is payable within 7 days of issue date. 


  • The Client and their agents will use their best endeavours to ensure that all the staging items are kept safe and secure while in the Client's possession and that none are removed from the property by any visitors to the property.

  • The Client shall ensure that the property is kept secure and always insured.

  • The Company will provide a temporary alarm on request at no extra charge, if required. 

  • In the event of any loss, theft or damage where the staging items are under the care and responsibility of the Client and the Client has failed to ensure that the staging items are kept secure, or the property properly secured, the Client shall be liable to pay half of the Company‚Äôs insurance excess of $2,500.00 (thus $1,250.00). For claims under this amount where the Client is at fault, the Client shall pay the full cost of replacement of any stolen, destroyed or broken staging items.


  • Any queries regarding the services, staging items supplied, their quality, quantity or the Fee must be raised within 48 hours of delivery of the staging items.


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